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Think about buying my book. It is loaded with many of my ideas on Proportional Reasoning and Mathematics.  It's a good resource to supplement my workshops.
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  Mathematics For All Consulting is dedicated to Mathematics Education. We are focused on providing educators with training for using the most current techniques and methods in the field of mathematics education.

The conceptual foundation of continuing educator training is extremely important in providing an environment for motivating students to develop critical thinking skills in applying mathematics for a productive future.

Connected Mathematics, a methodology for mathematics education is one of our main areas of expertise. Our trainers have successfully used Connected Mathematics in the classroom and have worked closely with Michigan State University on leadership development.

The demands of standards in the classroom places educators in an environment where quantitative testing provides an extra impetus for proper and advanced training in classroom methodology. Our experience as educators gives us a unique and focused perspective in the field of mathematics education. This first person experience provides an insightful understanding of the demands of providing students a stimulating and challenging classroom for learning. 

Mathematics For All Consulting continues to provide training opportunities for Educators in their preparation for the demands of mathematics education in today's classrooms for tomorrow's success.


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